Lisu New Year

The Lisu celebrate their Lisu New Year along with the Chinese and it is called Gin Waw. They celebrate New Year by distilling corn-spirit, making their typical dessert and preparing to kill the pigs for use in the ceremony along with cooking some food to welcome Lisu New Year.

The men in each family decorate their New Year’s tree by bringing a branch of the tree stick in the area in front of the house and tying it with a pack of dessert and pork.

Every family in the village gathers at the witch doctor’s house early in the evening. A person will be haunted by the spirit and will be asked to protect and wipe out all evil. At night, all the youth dress in their beautiful typical dresses and join the dance called Jajue around the New Year’s tree of every house in the village. In the morning of the New Year’s Day, there will be a shooting to welcome Lisu New Year. All men bring and make offerings to the village spirit house and then continue celebrating and dancing until the night.