With beautiful scenery and diverse cultures, attract tourists to come to visit Mae Hong Son, increasing in every year. The accommodation has been created to entertain visitors of all spread around the district; where you can choose to stay at the hotels or guest houses. The details are divided by district as follows.

Note: International calls delete first “0” from the phone number Accommodation in Mae Hong Son
Imperial Tara Mae Hong Son
Rooks Holiday Hotel & Resort
Maehongson Mountain Inn
Panorama Hotel
The Residence Tel.
Golden Pai & Suite Resort
Fern Rim Tarn Resort
Ban Rim Pai Camping & Resort
Houy Nam Rin Resort
Ngamta Hotel
Thanachot Resort
Mokjumpae Hill Resort
Pana Huts
Sampaothong garden
The Dai Resort
Phu Sam Mork
Sang Tong Hut
MP. Riverside Guest House Tel. (66)0-5306-1574
Friend House Tel. (66)0-5362-0119
Jong Kham Guest House
Maehongson Resort Tel. (66) 0-5368-4138-9
Mae Hong Son Hotel Tel. (66) 0-5361-2023
Sak Soy klang Doi Tel. (66) 0-5361-1929
Bai York Charlet
Maehongson Riverside Tel. (66) 0-5368-4143
Baan Kiang Doi Tel. (66) 0-5368-6065
Na Kra Jong Tel. (66) 0-5368-6044
Baan Keaw Resort Tel. (66) 0-5361-3007
Maehongson Hill Tel.(66) 0-5361-2475
Golden Hut Resort Tel. (66) 0-5361-1544
Ban Suan Kang Muang Resort Tel. (66) 0-5361-2477
Lin Fah Camping Tel. (66) 0-5361-2811,(66) 0-5361-2296
Rim Nam Klang Doi Resort Tel. (66) 0-5361-2142
Rim Tarn Resort Tel. (66) 0-5361-3404,(66) 0-5361-3096
Sam Mork Villa Tel. (66) 0-5361-1478
Ing Doi Resort Tel. (66) 05361-2074
Pang Lor Villa Tel. (66) 0-5361-1572,(66) 0-5361-2190
Aung Sae Resort Tel. (66) 0-5362-0239
Panorama Youth hotel Tel. (66) 0-5361-1757-62
Mae Nam Cottage Tel (66) 0-5361-1945
Phu Sam Mork Tel. (66) 0-5361-1162
Mon Sai Mork Tel. (66) 0-5361-1799
T.N Guest House Tel. (66) 0-5362-0060
Piya Guest Houst Tel. (66) 0-5361-1260
Maehongson Guest House Tel. (66) 0-5361-2510
Rom Thai House Tel. (66) 0-5361-2437
Yok Guest Houst Tel. (66) 0-5361-1532
Jonnie House Tel. (66) 0-5361-1667
Cheen House Tel. (66) 0-5361-1662
Na Ma Pin House Tel. (66) 0-5362-0314
Nong Boat Guest House Tel. (66) 0-5362-0560
Nirun Guest House Tel. (66) 0-5361-1227
Prince House Tel. (66) 0-5361-1136
Joe Guest House Tel. (66) 0-5361-2417
Rim Nong Guest House Tel. (66) 0-5361-1052
Wijit Porn House Tel. (66) 0-5361-2163
Sban Nga Guest House Tel. (66) 0-5361-2280
Sri Weing Guest House Tel. (66) 0-5361-2425
Palm House Tel. (66) 0-5361-4022
Ampa House Tel. (66) 0-5362-0506
Chan Guest House Tel. (66) 0-5362-0432
Huaypongkan Homestay.

buy gabapentin 300 mg uk Accommodation in Pai
Blue Lagoon
Bura Lumpai Resort.
Belle Villa Resort
Baan Krating Resort
Pai River Corner
Pai Iyara Resort
Pai Hotspring Spa Resort
Pai Vimaan Resort
The Quarter Resort
Shiwa Doi Resort
Muang Pai Resort
Hut Ing Pai Resort
Rim Pai Cottage
De Pai
Wang Chang Puek Pai
Bann Nam Pai Retris
Bulun Buree Resort
Suan Doi Resort
Del Doi Resort
Pai River Mountain Resort & Spa
Pai Herbs Resort
Love Pai Home
Phu Pai Resort
Baan Pai Village
Mae Yen House
Duang Guest House
Baan Tawan
Shan Guest House
Pai In The Sky
Brook Ville
Villa De Pai
Pai Buree
Simply House
Pai Hill Side Resort.
Vimarnkiri Resort.
Pai Vieng Fah Resort.
Pai Lanna Resort and Restaurant.
The Country Side Resort.
Suan Doi Resort.
Pai Cabana.
Breeze of Pai Guesthouse.
Pai Nai Fun.
Amy’s House.
Pai Kiang Fa.
Pairadise Resort.
Pripta Resort.
Pai Come Hide Away Resort.
Puravida Resort.
Spa Exotic Home Tel (66) 0-5369-8088
Pai High Land Tel. (66) 0-5369-9316
Baan Mai Kon Muang Tel. (66) 0-5369-9499
Bann Wisarut Tel. (66) 0-5369-9400
Pai Lanna Tel. (66) 08-9635-7556, 08-9691-3367
Baan Nan Koaw View Pai Tel. (66) 08-9090-0617
Baan Suan Rim Pai Tel. (66) 0-5369-9677
Na Pai Tel. (66) 08-7015-3525
View Pai Hotel Tel. (66) 0-5369-9174
Baan Pai Riverside Tel. (66) 0-5369-8152
Baan Pai Mountain Tel. (66) 0-5369-8152
Che Suwan Tel. (66)0-5369-9274
Golden Hut Tel. (66)0-5369-9949
Nunya Guest House Tel. (66)0-5369-9051
Pichai House Tel. (66)0-5369-9388
Pai Valley Tel. (66)0-5369-9898
Sip Song Panna Tel. (66)0-5369-8259
Baan Sang Huean Tel. (66)0-5369-9859
Chan Lodge Tel. (66)0-5369-9162
Chalee House Tel. (66)0-5369-9039
Huean Dai Tel. (66)0-5369-9039, 08-1884-2664
Natwalee Sai Mork Tel. (66)08-1951-7740
The Mountain View Tel. (66)0-5369-8274
The Sun Hut Tel. (66)0-5369-9730
Yellowsun bungkalow Tel. (66)08-6596-6552
Blue House Tel.0-5369-9401
Baan Ta-Yai Tel (66)0-5369-9579
Baan Por Komnun Tel. (66)0-5369-9382
Banana House Tel. (66)0-5369-9149
Pravee’s House Tel. (66)0-5369-9368
Pai Guest House Tel. (66)0-5369-9411
Pai Michale Tel. (66)08-6118-6999
Pai Radise Tel. (66)08-9838-7521
Plam House Tel. (66)0-5369-9074
P.S Riverside Tel. (66)0-5369-8095
Big Guest House Tel. (66)0-5369-9938
P.P Orchid Tel. (66)0-5369-9159
Fruit Garden Tel.0-5369-9093
Farmer Home Tel.08-9953-3617
Family House Tel. (66)08-9700-2362
Mr.Chan Tel. (66)0-5369-9554
River Park Tel. (66)08-9559-6267
River View Tel. (66)08-9070-7031
River House Tel. (66)0-5369-9915
Yorning Field Tel. (66)08-1626-5857
Rainbow House Tel. (66)08-1289-8409
Suan Mon Tel. (66)0-5369-8275
Abodaya Tel. (66)0-5369-9041
Eden Guest House Tel. (66)0-5369-9112
Ever Green Tel. (66)0-5369-9882
Baan Num Pai Tel. (66)08-1830-1161
The Sun Hut Tel. (66)0-5369-9730
Riverside Tel. (66)0-5369-9542
Pai River Hill Tel. (66)0-5369-8230
Star Guest House Tel. (66)08-9559-6065
Chang Gareela Tel. (66)08-1951-0101
Baan Neena Tel. (66)08-1289-6408
Golden House Tel. (66)08-9854-3058
Teddy Field Tel. (66)08-9507-6765
River Park Darling 1 Tel. (66)08-9559-6267
River Park Darling 2 Tel. (66)08-5709-9193
Good View Tel. (66)08-9852-5792
Tong Tong Hut Tel. (66)08-4613-4491
Brezz of Pai Tel. (66)08-1998-4597
Tind and Top House Tel. (66)0-5369-8016
Herbal House Tel. (66)08-1883-7020
Jimmy House Tel. (66)08-4805-1681
Lub Fun Dee Tel. (66)08-1883-5043
Painum Paidoi Tel. (66)08-9831-1639
Pailin House Tel. (66)0-5369-9058
Noon House Tel. (66)0-5369-9383
Suan Hom P.O.Box 34 Tel. (66)08-7193-6314
Paina paita Tel. (66)085-0377188
Viang Nua House Tel. (66)089-7011325
Baan Sa Gai Tel. (66)0-5369-8103, 086-6735223

clgen-casino-it Accommodation in Pang Mha Pha
Sob Pong River Inn
Northern Hill
Little Eden
Cave Lodge
Hillside Cottage
The Rock Garden Resort.
Lemon Hill Tel. (66) 0-5361-7213
Jungle Guest House Tel. (66)0-5361-7099
345 House Tel. (66)08-6192-0847
Lesu LodgeTel.08-9953-4243
Wide De Nest Lodge 47 M.7 T.Na Pu Poom
Sabai Cottage 205 T.Sob pong
Chaming Home 200/74 T.Sob Pong
Baan Kafae Tel. (66) 0-5361-7081 Accommodation in Khun Yuam 
Bua Tong Vision House Tel. (66)0-5362-2037
Baan Fha Rang Guest House Tel. (66)0-5362-2086
Peek Mai Guest House Tel. (66)0-5369-1061
Soun Sri Bua Tong T.Khun Yuam
Tor Pae House T.Khun Yuam
Mitt Khun Youm Tel. (66)0-5369-1057
Khun Youm Resort Tel. (66)0-5321-2393
Pang Sai Guest House T.Khun Yuam

Accommodation in Mae La Noi
Baan Boon Bun Dan Tel. (66)0-5368 9338
Bamboo Hut Tel. (66)0-5368 9337
Ok Home Stay Tel. (66)0-5368 1426

Accommodation in Mae Sa Riang
River House Hotel & Resort
See View Guest House Tel. (66)0-5368-1556,0-5368-1154
Riang Tara Guest House Tel. (66)0-5368-1509,0-5368-1633
River View Guest House Tel. (66)0-5368-1188, 0-5368-1353
Egg KaLak Tel. (66)0-5368-1426
Mitt Aree Tel. (66)0-5368-1110, 0-5368-1279
Mitt Aree Guest House Tel. (66)0-5368-1109
Maesariang Resort 183/1 Lang Panit Rd.T.Baan Kad
Som Sri Resort 34/9 T.Ma Sa Riang
Kamol Sorn Hotel Tel. (66)0-5368-1623,0-5368-1524
Maesariang Guest House Tel. (66)0-5368-1203
River Side Guest House Tel. (66)0-5368-1353-4
Lotus Guest House Tel. (66)0-5368-1156, 0-5362-1447
Salawin Inn Tel. (66)0-5368-1052
New Mae Sariang Guest House Tel. (66)0-5368-1203