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The most mountainous region in Thailand is the Mae Hong Son province; it is comprised 90% by high, mature mountains. Though only 10% plains are plains, the primary occupation for most people is agriculture, such as growing rice, garlic, onion, soybean, sesame, fruit, other crops, and raising livestock. Most people’s income comes from selling agricultural crops, but they keep part of the produce for their own consumption.

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Work on farms starts in June, early in the rainy season. Workers prepare areas for planting by cutting away weeds and loosening the soil. When there is enough water from the dam to sustain crops, they begin planting immediately. Harvest time will happen three to four months later.

After harvest, the cold season arrives in the Mae Hong Son province. Farmers will again prepare the area for planting different vegetation, which takes less time and water, such as onion, garlic, soybean, and other produce.

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Around February, the hot season begins, so every kind of product is harvested and moved to be kept in a silo for eating and selling. In the hot season, the land looks dry and empty until the rainy season returns, and the cycle begins again.

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