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Shan’s Traditions

History of the Shan From evidence preserved by the elderly Shan tellers and historical accounts about the Mae Hong Son province, one learns that the Shan, who live in Mae Hong Son, evacuated from the Northeast part of Myanmar from […]

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Art Perfomance

Gingala (Bird Dance) This dance is performed at festivals, on important occasions like the welcoming of guests or official foreign visitors, at the end of the Buddhist Lent day, and other traditional celebrations. The artistic performance of the Gingala imitates […]

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Thai shirt A Thai woman’s blouse falls to her waist.  The blouse, with sleeves or no sleeves, crosses over from side to side in the front.  There is some thick embroidery or engraving around the neck, on edge of sleeves, […]

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The most mountainous region in Thailand is the Mae Hong Son province; it is comprised 90% by high, mature mountains. Though only 10% plains are plains, the primary occupation for most people is agriculture, such as growing rice, garlic, onion, […]

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Local Foods Cooking habits differ from the other regions in Northern Thailand.  The Shan have their own culture and culinary practices, especially in eating rice.  The Shan will not consume sticky rice for their main diet; however, they will consume […]

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Ghost Feeding

Buddhism is the primary religion of the Shan; only a few practices other religions. Their lifestyle still supports the belief in some ghosts:  ruler spirits, earth ghosts, forest demons, water ghosts, farm ghosts, household spirits, and others, whom they are […]

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The Candle Worship

The Candle Worship ritual protects, removes misfortune, and guards against danger according to the Shan. Lighting the candle, very familiar for Buddhists, brings luck and long life. For Buddhists, the candle symbolizes Buddha’s teaching; therefore, candles have been employed for […]

History of the Shan People
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History of the Shan

Shan have already evacuated to Mae Hong Son province for more than a century of years. The evidence has been shown by the elderly Shan tellers, and from study the history of Mae Hong Son province can see that Shan, […]