ghost feeding thailand

Ghost Feeding

Buddhism is the primary religion of the Shan; only a few practices other religions. Their lifestyle still supports the belief in some ghosts:  ruler spirits, earth ghosts, forest demons, water ghosts, farm ghosts, household spirits, and others, whom they are very careful not to insult.  

Each community has a similar belief about worship and ghost feeding. The Ruler Spirit Feeding Worship in a seventh month every year has also been called Country Feeding Worship because there is the belief that the ruler spirit will guarantee the villagers’ peace and happiness.

There are other ghost feeding worships on occasion, but they are simple ceremonies. For example, the Shan will place small banana leaf bowls, called Gawg Tang, of food, sweets, betel nuts, and cigarettes at locations such as houses, farms, fields, mines, dams, and the spirit house, which they respect. In the end, they light a candle and pray.

Ghost feeding is ritual held since ancient times. However, due to changes in society and world globalization, this worship and belief may disappear.