candle worship

The Candle Worship

The Candle Worship ritual protects, removes misfortune, and guards against danger according to the Shan. Lighting the candle, very familiar for Buddhists, brings luck and long life.

For Buddhists, the candle symbolizes Buddha’s teaching; therefore, candles have been employed for many, many years in ceremonies. The villagers make the candles by using real wax from an active beehive.  

The wax is separated and put into a container, such as a bowl or a plate, to cool. When it cools, it is cut with a knife. The chunks of wax are rolled on a smooth floor until they become round, ready for lighting.

Not only is the lighting the candle a symbol of worship for Buddha’s teaching, but it is also believed that the one who made the candle knows how to banish misfortune, find luck, and grant a long life. The Candle Worship one of the most popular Shan rituals.