Wild Sunflowers Field Bua Tong things to do khun yuam

Thing To Do in Khun Yuam

This quiet, calm, peaceful district transforms into upbeat and lively when the cold season arrives. The colors of the Mexican flowers are witnessed over on the Mae U-Kho Mountain. Both Thai residents and foreign tourists come to enjoy the invigorating, refreshing cold air and admire the spectacular display. Tourists can visit many other interesting places in the Khun Yuam district, Mae Hong Son, as well.

Namtok Mae Surin National Park

nam tok mae surin national park things to do khun yuam mae hong son

The Namtok Mae Surin National Park of 396.60 square km. is in the Mae Hong Son province. The mountains and the forest spans from both the Khun Yuam and the Muang Mae Hong Son within the district.  Large and small steep cliffs on the mountains create a spectacular view of Mother Nature’s handiwork. A water source with a waterfall, where there is also a nice beach, is nearby the Mexican Sunflower field near the Pai waterway.


The scenery of the Namtok Mae Surin National Park unfolds to extensive mountains that range from North to South. In the East with steep mountains that slope toward the West. The mountains and cliffs attract hikers―from the amateur to the pro.  The height above sea level varies from 300 to 1,752 m, with Doi Pui the highest peak. The Pai River, the Mae Sa Mard River, the Mae Hong Son River, the Huai Pong River, and the Mae Surin River originate here. It takes about 7 hours to get from Chiang Mai.


The Mae Surin Waterfall National Park is enveloped in mist throughout the year. The rainy season, which can make the journey more difficult, lasts from May to October. The cold season, when the climate becomes very cold with an average temperature of 14˚C, starts in November and ends in February. Summer begins in March and lasts until April with hot and humid weather averaging a temperature in April of 38 degrees ̊C. The weather remains cold in since it is a hilltop.  The median temperature for the entire year is 25 degrees ˚C. Both the cold and hot seasons are enjoyable periods for visiting.

Mae Surin Waterfall

nam tok mae surin things to do khun yuam mae hong son

Awarded national park status in 1981 and located on Highway 108 in the Khun Yuam District, the Namtok Mae Surin National Park boasts an astonishing waterfall.  The Mae Surin Waterfall, the main attraction, is 37 km from the Khun Yuam district. It is a one level cataract, an impressive waterfall which cascades eighty meters. This area also offers wildlife, a botanical reserve, a thick forest, and a terraced mountainside. Campers will delight in the opportunity to put up a tent to stay in this paradise.

Wild Sunflowers Field Bua Tong

Wild Sunflowers Field Bua Tong things to do khun yuam

During November, wild sunflowers cover Doi Mae U-Kho with brilliant yellow, which entices many visitors to visit the Khun Yuam district. During the Bloom Festival, camping sites are available.  This site is 26 km from the district on Highway 1263.

Mae U-Kho Waterfall

In the Mae U-Kho mountain area just before arriving at the Bua Tong Field, tourists will cross an intersection about 3 km to find another stage one waterfall as spectacular as the others.

Muay Tor Temple

Muay Tor Temple things to do khun yuam

Encircled by other pagodas, the Muay Tor Temple is a Shan-style pagoda decorated with metal tiered umbrellas and bells. Muay Tor Temple is considered one of the most beautiful pagodas. It is situated along Highway 108 opposite The Khun Yuam Local Cultural Centre,

Khun Yuam Local Cultural Centre

The Cultural Centre is the Shan and hill tribes’ art and handicraft showplace, and it also reflects the history and effects of World War ll on the area.  War artifacts, including old pictures that cannot be found elsewhere, are displayed documenting the Japanese military during World War ll. Down Highway 108, the Cultural Centre is opposite the Muay Tor Temple.

Memorial Road

It was built in 1943 during World War II in the Mae Hong Son province. The Japanese built this route to Myanmar from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son which was similar to the dead way which was built in Kanchanaburi province. The death of lives is of ordinary men, not prisoners of war in an alliance. The Thai governor forced the people to build the road two years before the loss of the Japanese army guided by the Japanese mechanic.

Tor Pae Temple

This ancient temple sits 7 km away from the Khun Yuam market on the right of the Yuam waterway at Baan Tor Pae in the Mae Ngao sub-district. The Shan Buddha is inside a hall decorated with velvet curtains, pearls, and rubies. According to history, the pagoda was built from logs gathered from the area. Later, it was transformed into the Tor Pae Temple.

Muang Pon Village (Shan Village)

Villagers are ready to welcome tourists into traditional Shan houses located along Highway 108, only 12 km from the district. Interested parties should contact the Baan Muang Pon sub-district Administrative Organization tel.053-684648.