Mae Hong Son Mueang

Situated in the north of Mae Hong Son province, Mae Hong Son shares its boundary with the Kaya State of Myanmar and Pang Ma Pha district in the North; with the Pang Ma Pha, Pai, Kalayaniwatana, and Mae Chaem district in Chiang Mai province in the East; with the Mae Chaem district in Chiang Mai and Khun Yuam district in the South, and with the Kaya State of Myanmar in the West.

Most of the area is surrounded by a fleet of breathtaking mountains. The district experiences three main seasons: summer (from March to May), the rainy season (from June to October), and winter (from November to February). The temperatures vary throughout the year with an average of 28 ˚C.

The total population of Mae Hong Son Mueang is about 23,153 which consist of Native people: from the Shan, Karen, Hmong, and Lahu tribes. The main mode of bread and butter is agriculture which includes growing rice, beans, garlic, onions, and other fruits and vegetables. It has a total area of 2,483,115 square km.

Mae Hong Son Muang district has been strategically planned and demarcated into nine sub-districts. They are the Chong Kham sub-district, Huai Pong sub-district, Pha Bong sub-district, Pang Mu sub-district, Mok Champae sub-district, Huai Pha sub-district, Huai Pu Ling sub-district. There are altogether 69 villages in the area.

Useful telephone numbers

District Office: 0-5361-1357
Mae Hong Son Hospital: 0-5361-1378, 0-5361-1488
Police Station: 0-5361=1239
Airport: 0-5361-1057
Provincial Office: 0-5361-2158
Tourist Police: 0-53611812, 0-5361-1952
Immigration Office: 0-5361-1106, 0-5361-2106
Customs Duty: 0-5361-1041, 0-5361-1920
Mae Hong Son Cultural Center: 0-5361-2079
Tourism Authority of Mae Hong Son: 0-5361-2982


Krung Thai Bank
39 Singhanatbumlung Rd.
Tel. 0-5361-2049, 0-5361-2399 Fax. 0-5361-2219

Kasikorn Bank
76 Khunlumprapas Rd.
Tel. 0-5361-1556, 0-5362-0337-9 Fax. 0-5361-1557

Bank of Ayudhya
61 Khunlumprapas Rd.
Tel. 0-5361-1868-9, 0-5361-2334-5 Fax. 0-5361-2334

Bangkok Bank
68 Khunlumprapas Rd.
Tel. 0-5361-1275, 0-5361-1295 Fax. 0-5361-1547

SCB Bank
88/2 Khunlumprapas Rd.

TMB Bank
44 Khunlumprapas Rd.
Tel. 0-5362-0120, 0-5362-0121 Fax. 0-5362-0125