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Things To Do in Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son, the fantastic province in the west northernmost of Thailand, In ancient times the difficulty of transportation nearly cut off the province from the outside world but the breathtaking natural landscape, divermsity in culture, traditions and a simple […]

doi pui luang things to do sob moei

Things To Do in Sob Moei

Sob Moei is the smallest district in Mae Hong Son province. However, Sob Moei is no less breathtaking than any other of the districts. This district still practices a simple lifestyle and upholds their original culture.  The district’s natural surroundings […]

Salween National Park things to do mae sariang

Things To Do in Mae Sariang

Things To Do in Mae Sariang: Mae Sariang is the oldest district of the Mae Hong Son province has been inhabited by hill tribes for many, many years. It also holds an important place in the history of Lanna. Mae […]

Huai Hom Karen Hill Tribe Village things to do mae lanoi

Things To Do in Mae Lanoi

Things To Do in Mae Lanoi: The calm, peaceful district is nestled in the mountains with many interesting places for tourists to visit. Kaew Komol Cave (Calcite Cave) The Calcite Cave was discovered by a Mae Hong Son engineering office […]

Wild Sunflowers Field Bua Tong things to do khun yuam

Thing To Do in Khun Yuam

This quiet, calm, peaceful district transforms into upbeat and lively when the cold season arrives. The colors of the Mexican flowers are witnessed over on the Mae U-Kho Mountain. Both Thai residents and foreign tourists come to enjoy the invigorating, […]

tham lod cave forest park things to do pang ma pha

Things To Do in Pang Ma Pha

In the Pang Ma Pha district located 67 km north of the Mae Hong Son province, a sweeping landscape with majestic mountains frames the region.  The area is inhabited by hill tribes, such as Lisu and Lahu who also live […]

phra that mae yen temple things to do pai

Things To Do in Pai

Pai, one of the loveliest districts in the Mae Hong Son province, attracts tourists to visit every year, and has plenty of Thing to Do sites. Its charm and beauty lure vacationers to return throughout the year, every year. Huai Nam […]