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Padaung Tribes (Long Neck)


The Padaung tribes are said to have originated from the Southern Mongoloids, but culturally, they are a group of Karen living on the Plateaus above the Salween River in the Kayah state of Burma which is close to the Thai […]

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Karen Tribes

Karen tribes, located in the hill tribes in Mae Hong Son province is one of the largest in the area. They are located in all of the districts as the western territory of Mae Hong Son area borders the Kaya […]

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Lisu Tribes

The original dwelling of Lisu tribe ethnic group was in the area of Mae Kong River and Salween River in China. They then migrated to the north of Myanmar, and from there to the north of Thailand, where they have […]

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Lahu Tribes

The Lahu tribes originally come from Tibet and the southwest of China. For the next 100 years, they lived in the south of China and northeast of Myanmar after migration. Later, they migrated to provinces like Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, […]

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Hmong Tribes

Originally from Tibet and Mongolia, the Hmong Tribes migrated to China and resided there for several centuries. In 1857, Hmong Tribes move to Thailand and have been residing among the mountains of Chiang Rai, Payao, Nan, Chiang Mai, Mae Hong […]

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Lawa Tribes

The Lawa tribes are the first along the Ping River. They built their villages in Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son provinces. The stay at both high altitudes and valleys and each village consist of around twenty to a hundred […]