Pai District

Pai district located in the northeast of the province. The territory is next to the neighboring administrative area as following the North is next to the Shan State of Myanmar, the East is next to Wiang Hang district, Chiang Dow district, and Mae Tang district in Chiang Mai province, the South is next to Samueng district, and Kalayaniwatana district in Chiang Mai province, the West is next to Mae Hong Son Muang district and Pang Ma Pha district. The topography is a flat valley pan which embraced by the mountains and 111km. away from Mae Hong Son Muang district. The climate: there is 3 seasons summer from March-May, the rainy season begins from June-October, and the cold season begins from November-February the average temperature for the whole year is 25 degree ̊C.

The total area is 2,244.700 square km. and the total population is 29,654persons (2009) which consist of Native people, Shan, Karen, Hmong, Lisu, and Lahu. Most of the people earn their living in agriculture since there is quite a lot of plain area which is suitable to do rice fields besides they still grow other fruits and vegetables e.g. beans, onion-garlic, and livestock. Pai district has been divided the administrative area into 7 sub-districts namely: Wiang Tai sub-district, Wiang Nuea sub-district, Mae Na Toeng sub-district, Mae Hi sub-district, Thung Yao sub-district, Muang Paeng sub-district, Pong Sa sub-district, and there are altogether 66 villages.

Useful telephone numbers
Pai Hospital: 0-5369-9211 
Pai Police Station: 0-5369-9217-9
Pai District office: 0-5369-9195

Krung Thai Bank
90 Moo 3 Rangsiyanon Rd. T. Wiang Tai Pai District
Tel. 0-5369-9028-9 Fax. 0-5369-9030

Bangkok Bank
67 Moo 1 Rangsiyanon Rd. T. Wiang Tai Pai District

Bank of Ayudhya
21 Saisongkram Rd. T. Wiang Tai Pai District

Kasikorn Bank
6 Moo 4 Rangsiyanon Rd. T. Wiang Tai Pai District