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Tea Festival

A tea-tasting festival is held annually in February at the Rak Thai village (Mae Aw Chinese village). Rak Thai village is located on the border of Thailand and Myanmar. The chief industry of the villagers is growing tea. Many tourists, both Thai and foreigners, enjoy this festival. The festival supports tea growers and promotes tourism

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Karen Tribes

Karen tribes, located in the hill tribes in Mae Hong Son province is one of the largest in the area. They are located in all of the districts as the western territory of Mae Hong Son area borders the Kaya State of Myanmar. They migrated to the Northern Thailand, and have been living here for

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Thai shirt A Thai woman’s blouse falls to her waist.  The blouse, with sleeves or no sleeves, crosses over from side to side in the front.  There is some thick embroidery or engraving around the neck, on edge of sleeves, and the edge of the blouse.  Some are decorated with beads, pearls, and spangles. A

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Lawa Tribes

The Lawa tribes are the first along the Ping River. They built their villages in Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son. The stay at both high altitudes and valleys and each village consist of around twenty to a hundred families. The Lawa tribes build their houses at a high platform and they are typically made

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