ngao river rafting bamboo

Ngao River Rafting

This activity challenges tourists who really love adventure.  Bamboo rafts are employed to raft down the strong stream with of rocks and cliffs.  It is not only fun and exciting but also offers scenic nature on both sides of the […]

pai river cruise boat

Pai River Cruise

For tourists who prefer not to raft, the river can be traversed by boat―just as fun as rafting. It takes only one hour for the long-tailed boat to take you down the river between two banks of unparalleled solitude; the […]

mae hong son Salween River Cruise

Salween River Cruise

Because of decreasing water levels in the dry season, the beach and rocks around the river are more visible.  Long-tailed boats are the most popular way to travel the river. Boating starts at the Mae Saam Laeb village, situated approximately […]

Pai River Rafting mae hong son loop

Pai River Rafting

Bamboo Rafting the Pai River For the tourist who loves rafting, the Pai River is the river you will love traversing in a bamboo raft through the untouched nature of the calm forest. Sometimes, the only sounds are wild birds […]

white rafting mae hong son 1

White Water Rafting

The Pai River, the longest and widest river in the Mae Hong Son province, originates in the Tanon Thongchai and Danlao mountain ranges to flow through three districts in Mae Hong Son province: the Pai district, the Pang Ma Pha […]

mae hong son trekking nature trail


Venturing off the usual path is always exciting, particularly in northern Thailand where sightseeing by foot, elephant, mountain bike, four-wheel drive vehicle, or river raft brings tourists close to the local inhabitants―farmers and hill tribe people who occupy high altitude […]

karen elephant riding adventure

Elephant Riding

The tourists who prefer to ride an elephant to admire nature along the mountains and streams can take about one hour to enjoy this activity. The elephant takes you on a slow walk into the forest to bring you close […]