Mae Hong Son: Travel to the Land of Three Mists

Mae Hong Son, a northern region province of Thailand, which borders to Burma or Myanmar. It is 924 km. far from Bangkok, and the province area covers all together 12,681.259 square kilometers. This is the third largest in Northern Thailand and seventh largest in the country. It is approximately 250 km. from North to South and approximately 95 km. from East to West. It has been divided into 7 districts as follows: Muang Mae Hong Son district, Pai district, Pang Ma Pha district, Khun Yuam district, Mae Lanoi district, Mae Sariang district, and Sob Moei district. The province has been bordered by Myanmar’s frontier in the North and the West, Tak province in the South, and Chiang Mai province in the East. Every district in Mae Hong Son Province shares a common border with the Union of Myanmar approximately 483 kilometers in total length. Of this, traveling 326 kilometers the land and 157 kilometers are rivers.

Most of Mae Hong Son’s landscape is surrounded by many high complicated mountain ranges, variety of forests, and covered by mist all year round. All these reasons bring it to be called “City of Three Mist”. Due to the nature’s charm and beauty together with the large magnificent cape, hot spring, both small and big streams, these all seem to be the important factors to bring Mae Hong Son to become the biggest center of conservative travelling style in Thailand.

It affords the various cultural city’s atmosphere, the mixed life styles, the outstanding unique of Shan, and The other hill tribe villages such as Karen, Hmong, Lahu, Lisu, and Lawa. Each tribe has its own beautiful art of tradition and culture, own lifestyle including the pure nature that makes Mae Hong Son be “The City of Dreams”. It can attract a lot of tourists to come and visit for once in their lives time.

Today, Mae Hong Son is one of the “dream destinations” for visitors who are attracted by its cultural and natural wonders. For the tourists who are interested in the natures and culture, we are pleased to provide all the following Mae Hong Son tour programs.