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The most mountainous region in Thailand is the Mae Hong Son province; it is comprised 90% by high, mature mountains. Though only 10% plains are plains, the primary occupation for most people is agriculture, such as growing rice, garlic, onion, soybean, sesame, fruit, other crops, and raising livestock. Most people’s income comes from selling agricultural …

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Hmong New Year

The Hmong New Year begins after the harvest season in December. They kill pigs as an offering to their ancestors and household spirits on the first day followed by a visit to cousins and party for a few days. The crops and its health is enthusiastically celebrated during this time.

Lisu New Year

The Lisu celebrate their Lisu New Year along with the Chinese and it is called Gin Waw. They celebrate New Year by distilling corn-spirit, making their typical dessert and preparing to kill the pigs for use in the ceremony along with cooking some food to welcome Lisu New Year. The men in each family decorate …

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Lahu New Year

The Lahu tribe, celebrate their Lahu New Year for around four days between March and April. This is divided into the Male and Female New Year. The Lahu New Year first day is dedicated to a ceremony of worshipping ancestors, the second day brings families together, where they distribute a dessert made of steam sticky …

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Karen New Year

The Karen New Year is celebrated generally in February before growing rice. The time to celebrate Karen New Year is decided by the village witch doctor. The tradition usually involves the village sorcerer binding every villager’s wrist with a sacred thread, while the head of each family brings their own spirit as an offering. The …

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ghost feeding thailand

Ghost Feeding

Buddhism is the primary religion of the Shan; only a few practices other religions. Their lifestyle still supports the belief in some ghosts:  ruler spirits, earth ghosts, forest demons, water ghosts, farm ghosts, household spirits, and others, whom they are very careful not to insult.   Each community has a similar belief about worship and …

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